Scottish Power Renewables Whitelee Windfarm visitor centre

The turbines at Whitelee produce cleaner, greener energy from wind, one of the earth’s natural resources. We have an infinite supply of wind that is capable of generating renewable energy. However, burning finite carbon based resources such as coal and gas also creates electricity and as the earth’s supply of these won’t last forever we must do all that we can to save as much energy as possible.

Luckily there are lots of things that you can do at home to help save energy!
Have a look at our top tips and see if there’s anything you could be doing to help save more energy.

1.    Switch off the lights!
Make sure you only put on the light when you need to and always switch it off when you leave the room.

2.    Switch to energy efficient lightbulbs!
You can save energy by using energy efficient light bulbs. These are just as bright as regular ones and as they use less energy to produce the same amount of light they last for longer. This is good for the environment as it reduces Co2 emissions and is also good for your pocket as they need to be replaced much less often than standard bulbs. 

3.    Have a shower instead of a bath!
Having a shower uses much less water than having bath and as less water is being used, less water is being heated and as less water is being heated, more energy is being saved!

4.    Don’t leave your electricals on stand by!
Do you leave the house with your television on stand by? Do you leave your mobile phone charging all night long? Leaving electrical items on standby still uses power and switching these off at the socket not only saves energy but will also save you money too.

5.    Dry your clothes outside!
Tumble-drying clothes uses energy and this costs money. Why not hang your clothes outside and let them dry in the wind for free?

6.    Only use what you need!
The next time you go to boil the kettle make sure it only has the water that you need. Boiling a full kettle when you don’t have to wastes time, energy and money.

7.    Get out and about!
The next time you pop down to the local shops why not walk or cycle instead of taking the car? Why not take the stress out of driving in rush hour traffic and if possible use public transport for your commute?

8.    Turn down the temperature on your washing machine!
Washing your clothes at a lower temperature helps to save energy and still keeps your whites white.

9.    Compost all of your food waste at home!
When food waste goes into a landfill, methane gas is produced and this can contribute to climate change. If you put your food waste into a compost bin the oxygen in the air diffuses the production of methane gas and therefore doesn’t contribute to climate change.

10.   Recycle as much as you can and get creative! 
There are lots of things that can be recycled including paper, tins, plastic and textiles. Recycling these materials to make new items uses less energy than making the new item from scratch. Why not get creative with your recycling and find new uses for old items? Why not make old milk cartons into flowerpots or use old light bulbs to make decorations for your Christmas tree?