Scottish Power Renewables Whitelee Windfarm visitor centre

Accessing the windfarm


Car parking at the Visitor Centre

Car parking facilities are located at the Visitor Centre and we recommend that you access the windfarm from this point. The car park access road is narrow and we ask that you stick to the speed limits, use the designated passing places where appropriate, be mindful of visitors and small children walking through the car park and drive with caution at all times.

Alternative car parking

Informal roadside parking is available on a number of public roads surrounding Whitelee. Many are single track roads and drivers are asked to avoid parking in passing places or prevent access to farms, other properties or field entrances. Visitors are advised that many roadside verges are soft and to exercise caution accordingly. We recommend parking and accessing the windfarm from the Visitor Centre.

Use of vehicles at Whitelee

Unauthorised use of motorised vehicles, including quad bikes and motorbikes, is not permitted on windfarm or forest roads or recreational paths.

Traffic on the windfarm

Whilst routes within the windfarm are largely traffic-free, authorised vehicles involved with site management operations will continue to use the windfarm and forest road network. A strict speed limit is in place, but visitors should remain alert to such vehicles using the site. Statutory access rights do not extend to motor vehicles, including quad bikes and motor bikes, which are prohibited from using the windfarm, forest roads or recreational paths.

Forestry access

A number of forest entrances are required for management access and for the extraction of timber, in particular Ardochrig. These entrances should be left clear at all times. Drivers should also be aware that many of the public roads that surround Whitelee are popular for activities such as walking, cycling and horse riding. Please drive with care and adjust your speed accordingly.

Throughout the wider forest there are several other routes onto the windfarm. Many of these routes will be upgraded in the future, and a number of new routes into the windfarm developed. Currently access is possible via Ardochrig in the east, Carrot in the north, Hareshawmuir road in the west and Overmuir in the south. Please be aware that car parking facilities are limited at these locations.

Access restrictions

For the safety of visitors diversions will occasionally be necessary within the windfarm and forest areas in particular. Such operations include wind turbine maintenance, forest harvesting and the construction of forest roads or recreational paths. Every effort will be made to notify visitors in advance of such works taking place.


Within the windfarm and surrounding forest, the construction of forest roads, timber harvesting and the development of new recreational paths will continue to take place in some areas. Borrow pits, from which materials are extracted for road construction, will remain active in some areas of the site. Visitors are asked to observe any warning signage associated with these activities, and follow any exclusions or temporary diversions that are in place.